Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation Deviation?

I always gain weight on vacation. Always. Never fails. i don't know if it is because i don't have as much control over what i eat and when, if i drink less water, get off my sleep schedule... but it always happens.

Case in point... 1999, age 19: 9 day trip to Costa Rica- 10 lbs gained. i got back from vacation and the next day i started a two week class where the meals were provided. another 10 lbs gained in 2 weeks. by the time we took our class picture at the beginning of the second week, i already couldn't fit any of the clothes in my closet. 20 pounds gained in 23 days, and i wasn't even binging. i just wasn't eating food from home and wasn't working out like i was used to doing.

Up until this week, the most proud of myself that i have been when trying to lose or maintain on vacation was a 4 day cruise i took in 2001, when i was 21 yrs old. i was on weight watchers at the time and i only gained 3 pounds...

"But Joy," you say, "3 pounds in 4 days is a lot"... true, but that was with me watching what i was eating and being aware of portions. my "skinny" friends made full use of the "free" all-you-can-eat buffet and each gained 5-7 lbs in those 4 days.

This week, i was concerned that i would gain on my Hotel Carolina Music Fest Weekend beach trip. It was a road trip, which helped because i took all my food and water and allowed myself to eat out only once a day. i did fit in my workouts, but mostly, i just had a blast!

How'd my week go as a Fresh Foodie? See for yourself......check out my latest video at and watch the video: "Fresh Foodie's Week 7 Vacation and Recap".

Hope you all have a healthy week!
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