Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Challenge: #TabataDecember

November was an eventful month.

I ran my first 5K. (This was a HUGE deal for me.  Read about my history with running and how I first set the goal to run a 5K almost 3 years ago!)
Ran my first 5K in 44:04

I went to visit my family and was even able to see some extended family. 

But I also got a nasty cold, skipped a few workouts and started eating junk food on the regular.  I have GOT to get my focus back, so I decided to make the December challenge a daily tabata.  

Tabatas are short and sweet, but they'll definitely get your blood flowing and your muscles working.
(For Info, Links and Tabata suggestions, Check out my latest CrossFit 101 post.) 

All you have to do to join this challenge is one 4-minute Tabata every day in the month of December.

To keep it challenging, keep track of your reps, so that you can compare to the last time you did the same movement. For example, you might be able to bring your kettle bell swing tabata from 50 reps to 75.

Keep It Fresh, of course! Change up the movements throughout the week.  There are so many cardio and strength options!

I hope you join me in the challenge and don't forget to hashtag #TabataDecember when you post pics to instagram or twitter!

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