Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#40DaysNoBread Challenge Results

Well, the #40DaysNoBread Challenge at my CrossFit gym is over and I got first place... Yes, you read that right! FIRST PLACE! (It ended a couple weeks ago and I'm still in shock.)

In Shock // With the Shannon, the 2nd Place winner, and our Bread Medals // With Jamie, One of my Coaches
I posted everything I ate each day on Instagram.  I met my personal calorie-burn goal. I let my coach know how many points I had left at the end of each week. (She added 5 bonus points if we checked in each week, but didn't tell us that. So sneaky!)

Around 35 people entered the contest, but only 20 made it all the way through. The final winners were determined by body fat percentage lost. But the results were so close, that they looked at measurements and WOD score for the tie-break.  (Good thing they didn't go by weight lost, because that was my weakest category.)


Here are my before and after shots.  (Sorry for the distracting background. I wish I would have taken better pictures, but I really wasn't even expecting to come close to winning since, as a vegetarian, I was eating loads of the foods in the "eat sparingly" category to compensate for the Paleo-centric food list.)

I promised I'd post the final results when they came in and here they are:

And what did the winners get? (Other than better health and a sense of accomplishment?)
Money, Honey! First Prize was $300!! (Second was $200 and Third was $100)  I had no problem figuring out what I would do with the prize money.  I had medical bills from 3 years ago that I had been chipping away at all this time.  I was finally able to make a lump payment on the balance and put those old bills behind me! What a relief! And to be able to do it because of eating clean and training mean? Poetic Justice.
You guys know I am always having to challenge myself and switch things up on my weight loss journey.  While I was doing this challenge, it really didn't feel difficult at all.  The extra food prep was a little bit of a hassle, but I really didn't feel deprived or stressed out by it at all.  But I'm not gonna lie, I have been struggling since the challenge ended.  Less frequent workouts, more eating of carbs and sweets than I even did before the challenge.  I kept telling myself that I would have a couple of cheat meals and then start another eat clean challenge right away so that I could stay on track and not undo all my hard work. So I gotta find the next challenge to get me back on track, eating clean and training hard. I'm not looking for a bikini body.  I just want one that will get a good night's rest and allow me to be the best version of myself during the day. And I obviously can't afford any more doctors' bills...
#ProgressNotPerfection.  I can do this. And so can you.
Keep It Fresh,
The Fresh Foodie