Friday, March 22, 2013

The Color Run!

This past weekend my friends and I ran what is referred to "the happiest 5k on the planet". I'd definitely have to agree! The Color Run is an un-timed race for all ages (babies included) and fitness levels (I'm sure I saw someone on crutches) and is basically is just a 3.1 mile party!

The Attire
Team "Color Me Winded" Before the Race
Everyone is encouraged a wear a shirt that is mostly white (a white t-shirt and headband with the color run logo is provided in the race packet). The rest is up to you. There were tu-tus and colorful knee socks, personalized team tees and even costumes.

The Color Stations
After the race and before the color throws
At each of the 5 kilometers there is a different color station: blue, yellow, green, pink, purple. There are volunteers there waiting to spray you with colored spray or dash you with colored powder. (Don't worry, it's all non toxic. Just food coloring and corn starch.) Seeing the stations up ahead is so encouraging. It makes the race go by faster (in your mind) and makes you want to run to the next station.

The Color Throw
Now THIS is a party. At the finish line is a stage with music and an emcee. He keeps the party hype by throwing packets of color into the crowd for the next color throw. Everyone is dancing and having a great time. Then every 15 minutes, there is a countdown and everyone takes their different color packets and throws them up in the air! What a beautiful sight to see from a distance! It just looks so cool. Then you make your way to the middle of the crowd for the next throw (or two or five). From the inside of the throw, everything literally goes pitch black for a second and when it's all done you are COVERED in colors! (And ready for more!)

The Aftermath
My Team after the Race (and Several Color Throws)
On the way out of the venue there are people waiting with leaf blowers to blow most of the powdered color off of you (it will stick to you in sweaty spots or if you have on sunscreen or makeup). All you need for your car is a sheet or towel for your seat (just to be extra safe, but think of it more like coming home from the pool or beach.) And bring hand sanitizer wipes for your hands and body (like Wet Ones) and makeup remover wipes for your face. Or... You can be like me and go out to eat with your friends with a purple face! (Click here to watch a video I posted with my purple face about my current food and fitness challenge!)

I definitely will be doing this again. It was a blast. For more information and upcoming Color Runs near you, go to

Don't get burned out on your health and fitness journey. For your happiness and health, do what you can to keep it fresh!

The Fresh Foodie

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movie Review: Hungry for Change

Hungry For Change Website

One of my favorite YouTubers, Sarah Jane of SJConfessions (BeautyTalkwSJ on instagram) recommended this documentary in one of her recent videos. She said it changed her life.  I can see why. here are a few things that I liked about this film:

These guys aren't just doctors and professors and scientists.  These are real people telling their own stories.  Some of them we have seen before in their own documentaries. (For example, Kris from Crazy, Sexy Cancer and Joe from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.) These are people that got fed up with being sick, obese, reliant on medications, addicted to nicotine, alcohol and junk food.  They did their own research on how to be heal the body with food.  They tried it out on themselves and, when it worked, decided to share their stories with others.

I really appreciate how the film discusses the way your brain reacts to the chemicals found in processed junk foods and sugars vs. natural food.  The signals your brain sends to the rest of your body when you eat something can either be beneficial or detrimental.  And these signals even explain why certain types of diets don't work. 

Throughout the film, a typical American woman is shown going through her daily life.  You can see how the decisions that she makes about what she eats effects other decisions that she makes in her life.  This is so effective.  It really helps you to examine your own life and see how it compares to her lifestyle and eating habits.

One of my favorite things that was mentioned in the film was that if you "add in the good stuff, eventually it is going to crowd out the bad stuff." (David Wolff)  So instead of cutting out huge chunks of your diet all at once, make gradual changes that start with eating  more and more of the nutrient rich foods our body needs to function properly. Little by little, we will crave the processed, chemical-laden garbage less and less. If you eat real food, and not "food-like substances", you will start feeling so much better that you won't want to eat the stuff that makes you sick anymore.

My little recap doesn't do it justice. You really have to see it for yourself. This film is very informative and really motivates you to make changes for the better -  for your health and quality of life. 
Watch it free online and tell me what you think!

Keep it Fresh!

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The #40daysNoBread Challenge

So, yeah...  I have been in my usual wintertime funk. I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the short days and gloomy winter weather give me the blues and blahs.

Although I kept posting to Instagram several times a day and going to CrossFit twice a week, I have not been posting videos to YouTube or updating this blog.  I have been struggling to keep up with my home workouts and loading up on comfort foods and sugary indulgences.  According to my "fancy" scale, I have gained more than 10 pounds and 2% body fat since my January 1st weigh in!

I really wanted to kick my fat loss up a notch, so I upped my water and started drinking green smoothies in January.  But for some reason, I gained 7 pounds! I had a vacation mid February, and I did a good job of staying on track throughout my trip, but when I got back home, and back to reality, the SAD hit me like a tidal wave. Girl Scout cookies and bubble tea on the go, donuts and froyo for dinner, take out and Hulu in my pjs were the norm for 3 weeks straight. Then, of course, it all caught up to me and I got sick.

#40daysNoBread Challenge
So when my Crossfit gym announced that there would be a 40-day "No Bread" Challenge, I knew it would be the perfect thing to help me get back on track, break my sugar addiction and start feeling better again.  I put "no bread" in quotations because bread is actually only one of the items on the "Foods to Avoid" List, which also includes High Fructose Corn Syrup, White Potatoes, and Soybean Oil, among other things. (The link above includes all of the acceptable foods, foods to eat in moderation and foods to avoid.)
One of my favorite paleo memes.

How It Works: 
  • Everyone starts off with 40 points.  Every serving of food from the "Foods to Avoid" List deducts a point.
  • Everyone measures weight / inches / body fat at the gym on March 11th.
  • Everyone does the same "No Bread Challenge WOD" on the first and last day of the challenge.
3 Ways to win:
  • Have the most points left at the end of the challenge.
  • Lose the most weight / inches / body fat.
  • Have the most improved No Bread Challenge WOD score at the end of the challenge.
Pre Challenge WOD, Results and "Before" Shots
My Goals
The members of my gym are no joke.  They are serious.  I have not kidded myself into thinking I might win this challenge.  My personal goals are, well, just that: my personal goals.
  • Do not use more than 40 points during the challenge. (One point per day average.)
  • Log at least 10,000 calories burned during workouts. (Averages to about a 500-calorie burn every other day.)
I realize this is going to take dedication, preparation (meals and gym bag), hydration and rest.  But the days are longer, the sun is brighter and I'm feeling good.

Follow me on instagram to see my daily "No Bread" recap shots of workouts, meals and meal prep.  (Or just check the hashtag #40daysNoBread.) I will make an effort to post more often on YouTube and update this blog more regularly as well.

Til next time, do what you can to keep it fresh.

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- Monthly Challenges (current challenge: #40DaysNoBread)
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